Fixed Assets Tracking and Management System of eSolutions

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Contents of the fixed assets system

- The company provides the entire system - fixed assets Software program in both Arabic and English and Hardware includes Hand Held for inventory of assets and barcode printer and paper required. Also included a run efficiently over the years to use
- The company provides a free trial before completion of the procurement process
- System covers all aspects of accounting and administrative record and maintain, review and management of fixed assets

Technical specifications of the system

- The system can be loaded on more than one type of databases such as MsSQL / MySQL / Access
- The system can receive your current and existing files or other databases or even other computers
- The division of assets into categories, taking into account the recommendations of the accounting systems appropriate to the needs of the institution
- You can link between the regime and any other systems inside or outside the institution at its discretion
- Using the latest techniques of inventory through a computer fitted with a portable laser
- The system automatically make backup copies of the database periodically

Introduction to fixed assets

Fixed assets can be defined as those assets that the establishment buys for the purpose of use and not sale or investment within the framework of its activity that it exercises in order to make a profit, and they are also assets that are used for relatively long periods.
fixed assets is particularly important in all types of business organizations, where diversity and the diversity of accounting treatments and management of their own.
This company has taken care of all the e-solutions Egypt for fixed assets from the beginning of its entry to the institution be excluded or do without, through the stages recorded in the accounting records and its own administrative and calculation of depreciation and periodic inventory and places of existence and maintenance of the follow-up ... Etc.
Fixed assets is the first item in the budget and typically use a large part of the capital of the institution
Examples of fixed assets buildings - furniture - machines - computers and air-conditioning

Compatibility of the system with the manual system and ease of inventory

Once the purchase of the asset done, it should be recorded books as well as all costs related to purchased and outfitted for work and his own jurisdiction of taxes and customs and transfer
Must also estimate the realizable value at the end of its useful life where they are deducted from the value of the original down to the amount to be distributed to the productive life of the asset in order to identify the value of annual depreciation and amortization monthly

Ways of calculating depreciation

There are many ways to calculate depreciation values, which include:-
- Straight-line method
- Declining balance method
- Method of total numbers past
- Method of unit activity
- Method of re-evaluation
- Rate method force

fixed assets System in e-solutions Egypt

E-solutions company has set up an integrated system for management and treatment in respect of all fixed assets of the administrative, accounting and, after thorough study of the fixed assets as well as for the previous systems developed in this field locally and globally
In order that was created a working group of experienced administrative and accounting experience owners, programmers, systems analysts, and the cooperation of team work was taking into account many of the points when the system setup
- Program suitable for all kinds of medium and large organizations and multi-branches, such as Abannol and construction companies and factories
- Understand the rules of an infinite number of branches and departments and divisions and their employees, as well as an infinite number of assets and categories, and also an infinite number of users of the system and registered auditors
- The adoption of the rules of the many accounting firms and audit

The possibilities of the system

- The system has easily deal with the screens and reports is really user-friendly
- The system allows registration and purchase invoice in respect of all of the original discounts or other expenses
- Registration of place of origin Foundation
- Linking asset productivity centers
- The system provides boxes to record the status and keep track of the original change from time to time
- Denying the possibility of recording data on the original when you sell or dispose of it Altkhin with the registration act and the calculation of the amount of profit or loss resulting from that of each asset separately or complex according to the level determined by the institution
- The system allows registration of each in calculating depreciation and the useful life of origin
- The system is available from many research tools for assets within a database system which facilitates the extraction of data assets and follow-up
- Can adapt the system to work according to the desire and the need for activity within the institution

System Features

- Multi-language data entry and interface language, as the system works in both Arabic and English, how much can be added to other languages
- Multiple users, where the system allows an infinite number of users with a subsystem of the powers of each user
- Multi-currency, where you can record the financial statements in different currencies
- Recording data on the original images of documents while maintaining
- Is the scheduling of periodic inventory according to the client
- Is the definition of bar code of each asset and the system provides all supplies and equipment to print and paste and read the bar code
- Allows the system by using more than one way to conduct the inventory

Reports of fixed assets

- Multiple levels of selection reports and degrees of detail and assembly places or on the levels of assets and the owners of the Covenant
- You can preview reports on screen or printed on paper or exported to any other systems within the organization or outside, how much can be sent by e-mail or storing of electronic archive
- Allows the system to record and management and asset tracking list of the institution and also taking into account the new useful lives of the asset and accumulated depreciation for prior years
- Allows the system to print out a poster for each individual bar code - making it easier to inventory and inspection procedures and tracking

Data of fixed assets

- Fixed assets has been divided into several levels according to the recommendations of the Accounting System
- Depreciation is calculated according to the method identified by the Foundation automatically
- You can select the smallest details from the original, and the trustee upon the detailed data
- You can insert a picture or image of the original documents its own as well as any additional notes
- The design of the relationship between different groups with suspicion tree, which afforded a detailed vision and the other grouped data
- Is to account for each and continued to account for depreciation and amortization expense of complex
- Automatically calculate complex depreciation and book value of any asset during any month of the fiscal year
- The system deals with all branches of the institution and their own stores and the owners of the Covenant and the custodians of the original
- Accommodates multi-system data and different out for another to suit the original size of the enterprise
- You can determine the values of depreciation at any time of the financial year
- Is the original recording movement inside and outside the organization
- Is through the system determine the share of the cost centers of the fixed assets with high accuracy

Flexibility of use

- Flexibility in determining the different categories and data according to the needs of the institution
- The system allows registration of assets in the form of groups or individually with the flexibility in re-distributed to the various work sites
- Enables tracking of all cases of the original and movements throughout its existence the Foundation
- Been through the system define the responsibilities of individuals within the institution for fixed assets
- Is to log all data suppliers and their respective activities
- You can record data from purchase invoices or supplier contracts or statements of the physical inventory of the assets Althabp
- Flexibility in adjusting the data and review the logic and their compatibility
- Easy management of users of the system after the divided groups and define specific functions for each group
- Registration of the historical data for maintenance and faults, which recognizes judge the quality of assets to assist in making future purchasing decisions
- All the original data can be modified without prejudice by the data system

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